About Us

Amvel-Marvitec Group, Inc. has been in business since 1976. We began as an export company selling heavy industrial parts and equipment to all clientele ranging from the small business owner to the large multinational conglomerates predominately located in the Latin Americas and the Caribbean. In the early 80′s, we began focusing our attention to the welding industry and opened up “Amvel Corporation.” At the time, Amvel was the only Lincoln Electric representative in the South Florida area which served as a communication/business point to help most of Latin America and the Caribbean with all their welding needs. Our company has grown steadily and now we represent most of the top manufacturers in the welding industry and some additional lines in the heavy lifting business.

We have proven ourselves over and over again and truly passed the test of time during the most detrimental years. With much trial and error, our system of doing business has become the most efficient and always strives to get better. Among the many qualities we have obtained over the years, it is experience, accuracy, consistency and excellence we take most pride in when it comes to customer service. With these attributes, we have found a winning combination for us and our customers to ensure we will be here tomorrow.